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This page is the "home" page of the website. It includes links to: background information; highlights about news, presentations, and testimonials; and partners (UNC- Chapel Hill, FIPSE, and Yale University Press).

What is it?

This page links to descriptions of the pedagogy and technology of ¡A su salud! Also linked from this page are samples from the pilot of ¡A su salud! conducted in the fall of 2001.

Does it work?

This page provides a description of the pilot of ¡A su salud! conducted in the fall of 2001 and links to the Executive Summary of the ¡A su salud! Spanish Language Distance Education Pilot Project Evaluation Report.

Who are we?

This page lists the names and organizational affiliations of the members of the Interdisciplinary Development Committee, administration, evaluators, consultants and reviewers who have worked on the ¡A su salud! project.

What's next?

This page describes the timeline of the ¡A su salud! project.


This page provides links to language, health and cultural resources.

Contact information

This page provides contact information (mailing address, email address and phone number) for the ¡A su salud! project director.


This page describes the partners' policies regarding the contents of this website and linked websites, endorsements, and use and distribution of information contained in this website.

Site map

This is the page that you are currently viewing. It provides descriptions of other pages in this website so that you can quickly locate the information you want.

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